FGS Team Roster

Our Fast Girl Skates Team Roster includes:

Jennifer "La Petite Mort" Savaglio: (Owner/President) Played for Rat City for 5 seasons until injury prevented further play. Still active in local, national and international community as a teacher, coach and mentor.

Vito Ramon: (General Manager) Plays for Outcast Men's Roller Derby in the PNW. Coaches the Rat City All Stars. Coaches the I5 Rollergirls and the Jr. Team USA West.

Katie "Sheeza Brickouse" Taylor: (Sponsorship Lead) Played for Rat City for 5 seasons, including All Stars. Currently plays with Jet City Rollergirls.

Grainne "Hunter Down" Hunter: (Web Order Lead) Plays for Rat City All Stars, but started derby very young with the I5 roller girls. She is in her 9th year of derby.

Gabrielle "Gabberwocky" Turner: (Sales Lead) Currently on hiatus with Rat City's Ratlab due to injury, but played for the Seattle Derby Brats for two seasons.

Amelia "Amelia Darehart" Serafin: (Hard Goods and Mechanical Lead) has been playing for the Seattle Derby Brats for the past four years. 

We eat sleep and breathe derby, people! And couldn't be happier about it!
Just in case anyone was wondering.....