La Petite Mort (Morty), the big 0 a.k.a Jennifer Savaglio

Jenny/Morty has been skating since childhood, and first discovered derby by attending a Rat City Rollergirls Season 2 bout back in June 2006. Completely obsessed with the sport from that moment on, she joined Seattle’s Potential Fresh Meat Squad (PFM) in preparation for the RCRG tryouts that November. She was lucky enough to be picked up by the Throttle Rockets, of whom she was captain for 4 out of her 5 seasons. She retired in 2010 after 5 seasons with RCRG. Always very active with the Fresh Meat on the league, she enjoys nothing more than trying to make new girls feel at home and teaching them the basics of skating and derby. She has also taught classes all over the world on writing lineups, strategy, and motivating skaters. Her class on equipment and gear has long been very successful and is often requested. She teaches it about 12 times a year. Currently, she teaches the PFM skating basics, and is looking forward to more traveling and teaching with Fast Girl University.

Jenny decided to open the store while on the PFM squad in an effort to bring a much needed service to the many rollergirls in the Pacific Northwest. She began by hunting down the experts in her area on speed skating and distribution/ wholesaling, as well as picking the brains of the skate manufacturers around the country that have been around what seems like forever. She then jumped in the deep end mounting skates after having four different industry professionals teach her how they did it. She also made a concerted effort to try out every product she could get her hands on.
Eight years later, she has mounted thousands of skates. In fact, she pioneered a mounting style geared toward derby that is very popular with some of the most talented derby skaters. Always seeking new knowledge and information, she continues to solicit the advice of skating professionals and manufacturers all over the world. Even though she regularly teaches classes on gear, she never stops asking questions, learning and testing the latest products. The store’s goal is to teach the skaters enough about their gear, the products available and how to decide what is best for them so they do not empty their pockets unnecessarily.
She can frequently be seen in her booth at events and tournaments. She travels on average, 12 times per year and about one third of those trips are with a fully stocked, full service booth, including equipment to mount. The other times, it’s just soft goods, but she is there to educate skaters and be there for questions and hands on advice.