Store Beginnings

Fast Girl Skates (, the first physical storefront specializing in roller derby equipment, is owned and operated by Rat City Rollergirl La Petite Mort. The idea was conceived one day on a drive home from practice when, after yet another equipment snafu, I was venting my frustrations as I wished there was a place I could go to try on gear. I had been trying to find the proper equipment and had fallen victim to poor selection, improper advice and the cost and time spent waiting for gear to arrive only to discover it was not the best for my personal skating style or body type. At that point I decided "I am going to open a store!" 

I spent a great deal of time researching products and learning from industry leaders to ensure that we are providing a high level of knowledge and service to best suit the needs of each skater. That is why Fast Girl Skates stocks a wide range of skate boot sizes and styles. We take the time to measure your feet to determine the proper size for each foot. Most people are a half size difference between each foot, some people are more. We may be able to fit you off the shelf or we may recommend a special order. What’s important to us is that you get the best skates for you, within your budget, so you don’t waste time and money.

Because we feel so passionately about this, if at all feasible we are willing to travel to you to do so - we'll even bring stuff for you to try! If this is something that would be of interest to your league or team members, please just drop us a line.
Sure, there are other places to buy roller skates and protective equipment. We hope you buy from us because of our high level of knowledge and, let’s face it, fashion sense (because it matters if your wheels match your helmet and which boy shorts make your booty look best!) We just want everyone in the proper skate size, and proper equipment. Our main goal is to serve our sport – women and their specific needs.
So come visit, call, and/or email. This is a store for our skating community; we welcome ideas and suggestions for products. If we don’t have something in stock, we will do our best to get it for you. By educating ourselves and our customers, we’re raising the bar in terms of knowledge and service. Our goal is to get you in your dream skates and in the proper gear …because we all just want to get skating!

Cheers, Morty (Jenny)