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Unlike other online skate shops, Fast Girl Skates took the time to fit my skates correctly in both size and width. They also correctly fitted my plate to allow for easier cornering, took the time to properly fit my pads, and helped me choose my wheels and bearings so I can focus on my stellar robot moves and not faulty equipment. The only problem I've had with Fast Girl is the inability to visit their store without buying something.

Valtron 3000 - Rat City Rollergirls (skater since 2004)

I have been involved in many nationally recognized competitive sports. From BMX Racing as a child, to Quarter Midget Racing with my kids, and now to Roller Derby with the whole family. All of these sports are extremely hard on equipment. It is my firm belief to purchase products and services from experts involved in the respective sport. Fast Girl Skates based in Seattle, Washington has met and exceeded my needs in the sport of Roller Derby. From the initial set up for three skaters, to parts, supplies and expert advise. In the ever growing on-line sales of specialty items, it is refreshing to browse thought the many lines of products at their shop. I wish to thank Jen and Sarah for their genuine devotion to the sport of Roller Derby and to the needs of it’s many competitors.

Thank You,

Tom, Stephanie, Makenzi (a.k.a. Tina Sassin Poison Skittle, Seattle Derby Brats)
and Jordan Booth Kirkland, Washington

I just wanted to thank you guys again for all the support you've given me since I entered the sport almost a year ago. I always feel so welcome in your shop, and your wisdom and experience has really helped my skating improve. So of course I'll testify for ya!

As much as we stress about whether or not our gear is working for us, Fast Girl is a place of refuge-full of friendly advice and hands on assistance you can't get online. Whether it's knowing the best blister pads on the market, or the nuts and bolts of skate mechanics, these girls have seen and heard it all. Jen and Sarah are extremely resourceful and knowlegeable, with a genuine desire to fit you with the right skates and gear.

In a nutshell, Fast girl rocks!

Scarlet Leather - Rat City Rollergirls

The women at Fast Girl Skates are not only professional and extremely knowledgeable. They're personable and funny (a big customer service A+ in my book). As a 'new to derby' skater I had little to no idea about how to pick proper equipment, but my questions were/are met with detailed explaination.

I go to Fast Girl for everything, and always come out of the store with more merchandise than I intended. But who cares! It's all in the name of DERBY!

Foxy Throwdown - Rat City Rollergirls

My first trip into Fast Girl Skates was the morning of my first skate practice -- I wasn't yet ready to sink a lot of money into things and figured I'd just skate on rink rentals for awhile, but wanted to pick someone's brain to see what sort of gear I should be aiming for if I decided to stick with derby. I appreciated the easy-going, up-front advice about gear and equipment. When they measured my feet and it was discovered that FGS had a pair of used skates my size available on consignment, they went above and beyond to have them ready for me that same afternoon so that I could try them out for a few practices. That generosity really made an impression on me -- afterall, I was a complete stranger -- and it won my heart, and business. When it came time to buy to buy the skates, Jenny sized my feet again just to be sure these were truly the right boots for me -- we talked about how they should fit snug like my climbing shoes do -- and as it turns out, I could stand to go a half-size smaller to a 4 Narrow. I ended up buying a new pair of boots instead of the consigned ones, and although the break-in period was note pretty, they fit like a glove now and I love them. It's great to give my business to a place that really wants to see people out there skating and whose experience can be trusted.

Amy Redmond - Della Terious, Rat City Rollergirls

I am so glad Fast Girl Skates finally opened. Not only is it a cute little space full of the best accoutrements skating and derby has to offer, it is owned by the nicest and most knowledgable women I have ever met. I have a really narrow foot and I was just sloshing around in my old skates. They bent over backwards to find the best fitting skates I have ever owned. At first I was skeptical when they suggested I buy what felt like a too small skate. They assured me this is the way they should fit, "trust us" I did and after a month or so they broke in perfectly and I now I have the most amazing skates that fit me like a glove. Thanks for helpin' me out Fast Girl!!

Rollin' Bayou - Rat City Rollergirls

Hello ladies!

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to be in your shop yesterday. (actually, it’s fabulous EVERYTIME!)

I always get all the help, information, and gear I need when I come by. It’s great to have a place that’s a one stop shop for all my derby needs.

I always feel welcome and know that I’ll get exactly what I want/need while I’m there. Plus, I’m always impressed that you remember my name. These are the things which keep me coming back!

Thanks for being there for us, you’re GRRRRRRRREAT!

Anya Heels - Rat City Rollergirls

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help the other day with the wheels.

You were SO informative! PFM had practice last night (which was the first time I'd tried out my new Fugitive wheels) and they are fantastic! They are worlds better than my previous wheels. :)

Thanks again for all your help - your shop is a godsend to us!

Sirius Mischief - Rat City Rollergirls

I absolutely LOVE the new setup. The skates are comfortable, and after a few warmup laps, I felt as if I had been skating on them forever. … in the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy my sweet new skates.


Cherry Jubilee - Rat City Rollergirls

I ordered fully custom skates and I love them. I have the Wile E. and Morty's Pick package with special ordered stripes and fuzzy tongue. Even after a year of skating I didn't really know what a good fit was for my foot. I went into the shop and both girls helped me find the perfect boot and plate for my foot and I got special order features that I wanted to add in a decent amount of time. My previous purchase at another store for a average skate set up was 3 months (a set that they have in stock at almost all times at Fast Girl) Fast Girl custom-made order was done and received in only a months time.

Sister Piston - Rat City Rollergirls

I love that even when I was a whiney baby and complained you put me in the skates that would work out for me long term - not just the ones that would make an easy sale then and there. And I love that you guys are permanently on call for questions about gear, and that you are genuinely concerned about each skater's safety.

Leeloo - Rat City Rollergirls

Fast Girl Skates has been super helpful with my skate needs. Being over in the UK, we often have trouble getting what we need, but Jenny even managed to convince her husband to ferry skates back and forth for our girls.

I was having real trouble with my 265s - heel slipping out, really bad pain on my outside right side - and after a thorough consultation with Jenny we were able to figure out that I needed a size smaller AND a split last. Jenny knows so much about the shaping and sizing of skates that she figured out I needed a wide front and a narrow heel - made to fit women's feet. So I ended up with a custom pair of new 695s - right off the shelf of Fast Girl Skates, so no wait!

The boots fit great, but we realized that Reidell had changed their specs on plate sizing, and now I couldn’t deal with the too long Reactor plates. Once again, Fast Girl Skates to the rescue. Jenny managed to arrange a traveling friend to ferry them back to Seattle, where she changed out the plates for no charge, and sent them back with a few goodies.

Now they work great, and I couldn’t be happier. I have dealt with numerous skate shops in my derby and pre-derby days, and I think that Fast Girl really knows their stuff. When you are investing good money in a pair of skates that are going to be a major factor in your derby performance, you need the assurance that you are getting the exact right skate for your foot. I think Fast Girl are some of the best at helping you do this, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Bette Noir - London Rollergirls

Being across the pond we ran the risk of having Roller Derby turn into an unreachably expensive exercise for me and our skaters. A lot of our girls had to settle for second rate skates just so they could keep skating. When you gave us the opportunity to buy skates from you, which turned out to be cheaper (even with shipping) than buying them here in England, I jumped at the chance. I saw what a difference your service had made to the girls who had bought from you so I thought i would give you a try. I wasn't particularly unhappy with my skates at the time, but once I tried on the Ultra Blues I got from Fast Girl I couldn't believe the difference. Were it not for the personalised sizing I received from Fast Girl i'd still be swimming around in skates that didn't fit. It's made such a difference to my skating. Now I can actually stop thinking about what my skates are going to do, and just skate.

Ballistic Whistle - London Rollergirls

I was a bit concerned about buying without trying, but [fast girl skates] was very good at explaining the fit and benefits of each skate. By the end of our chat I felt more comfortable with the idea. Only a week later, I emailed Jenny at Fastgirlskates and relayed my foot measurements that [fast girl skates] had taken and selected my vandalls.

The excitement when [fast girl skates] came over to London, UK, with my new wheels is indescribable - trying them on for the first time was brilliant! They felt tight, yet comfortable and looked fab! The first time I skated in them, my toes were a wee bit sore and went a lil numb, but now they're like an extention of me...and I go soooo much faster thanks to Fastgirlskates!

Amy Nitrate X - London Rollergirls

I LOVE my custom 265s. They fit like a glove and the fur tongue that FSG/Jenny recommended to combat lace bite worked a treat. They sized my feet up personally and worked with me to pick the best boot for my needs. The tight fit took a bit to work in, but now they just feel like an extension of my foot and my skating has improved as a result.

Slice and Dice - London Rollergirls

Fast Girl Skates made all my Rollerderby dreams come true! I got expert advice and great service. These girls really know their stuff, most of our league owe their great fitting beautiful new Riedels to Fast Girl. I will continue to shop with you as I feel like I not only got new skates I got new friends too.

Rose Hypnol s6 - London Rollergirls

I just wanted to send you girls this e-mail. We went to the E.R. other day for a possible broken foot from jumping off a swing . All though we thought it was funny to see her wearing her Fast Girls shirt with the crutches. Her brother kept telling her "Come on fast girl, catch up" She couldn't help but to laugh. Thanks.

Reanna Williams - Jet City Roller Girls

The knowledgeable, friendly service at Fast Girl Skates cannot be understated. Whatever I need they either have in stock or can order it lightning fast. Fast Girl Skates has been a much needed and appreciated addition to the derby world and the Seattle small business community.

Arson Annie - Jet City Rollergirls

I saw Derby and knew I wanted to do it! After my first practice with rentals, everyone said I should get my own skates. I asked Where? Everyone said, Fast Girl Skates just opened, go support our fellow derby sisters. Very next day I was there.... You both hooked me up.. I picked out my skates and all my gear and some great extras.... I was shocked that my skates were done and ready for me to get with in couple of days... Breaking them in was hell but they are the greatest skates. I was so glad that you walked me through everything because I knew nothing! You were right about the wheels, the boot, the plate etc.... Also, I needed knee pads and you didn't have my size, so you ordered them for me and brought them to a bout so I could pick them up! Talk about incredible service! Thanks so much you guys!!! I wear your logo with pride on my helmet and tell everyone how well you took care of me! My skating is getting better all the time and all my gear has kept my injuries down to a minimum! Keep up the great work!

Rusty Damage #Fe2O3 - Jet City Rollergirls
"Leaving my mark, one person at a time!"

Being a derby girl is hard enough work and when it comes to picking out your skates, you want someone who is going to tell you what you need...not what you want. The girls at Fast Girl Skates take into consideration your needs as a derby girl and turn it into a more personal experience. I bought my first pair of skates from an online skate discount website and when I got them, I thought they would be great to start out, but I realized after the fact that they were hurting my performance more than helping it. I spent all that money on skates that were put together badly and ended up hurting me more than helping me. I wish I had gone to FGSs in the first place. I went in, sized up and got advice on skates and breaking them in. I was given a sense of "Don't worry, it will all be okay," and it was! I trust these girls with my feet and will definitely buy my skate stuff from them in the future as well as stellar recommendation for ANYONE to get their derby gear from these girls!

Love & Bruises,

Nerd Rage #42 - Slaughter County Roller Vixens

Just want to tell you ladies how much i LOVE my new's like a second derby honeymoon!


Culturelle - Slaughter County Roller Vixens

Hi girls, I just wanted to thank you for your great workshop! I spoke with the Riedell guy and he said you could help me order a custom sized skate. I'll be in touch sometime soon when I get some money saved up.

Shiva Mi Timbers - Rookie on San Diego Derby Dolls League