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Atom Gear Elite Knee Pad 2.0

ATOM ELITE GEAR Atom Gear Elite elbow and knee pads, (sold separately), are designed to literally adapt to your body like armor. Elite Gear wraps the protected area in neoprene providing a secure sensation. Furthermore, they move with you no matter your position or type of fall you take. They hold their position and are ready for impact at all times. Atom Elite is the sleekest protective gear available while still providing  protection. There is protective foam strategically placed on both the inside and outside of the knees to protect ligaments and tendons. 


  • Hard plastic cap covered with Kevlar 
  • Knee, side protection
  • High-density EVA foam pads to protect knee ligaments and tendons 
  • Kevlar covered to protect yourself and others in contact, also protects the skating surface 
  • High-density impact foam, pre shaped for precise positioning 
  • Heavy-duty, perforated neoprene for mobility, comfort and security 
  • Silicon strip to prevent them from sliding down 
  • Upper and lower adjustable Velcro straps 

Atom Gear ELITE Knee Sizing, measure 4" up from the top of your patella (knee Cap)  

  • EXTRA SMALL 10" - 12"
  • SMALL 12" - 16"
  • MEDIUM 16" - 20"
  • LARGE 20" - 23"
  • EXTRA LARGE 23"+