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Roll Line Killer Plates

Beautifully designed and machined in Venice, Italy, this plate is truly the best of the best!  It's the frame used by the best athletes in the world.

Sizes: 130-135-140-145-150-155-160-165-170-180 (wheel base in millimeters)

Black or Silver

  • Right and left foot
  • Ultra light frame made of special aluminum alloy and trucks with steel axles.
  • Click action adjustment system
  • Elastomer suspensions.
  • Toe stops: Amber super professional.
  • Wrench kit included

THIS PLATE IS METRIC, It has 7mm or 8mm axles, and may only be used with a metric Roll-Line toe stop.

*If you order this plate on back order it will take longer than one week to come in since they are coming from Italy. The wait time is estimated at 3-4 weeks.