SISU 1.6 Adult Mouthguard

*Please note, the information below is taken directly from SISU.

The SISU Mouth Guard Advantage

  • 30% to 50% stronger than conventional mouth guards
  • Crumple zone technology
  • ISO-certified all-American manufacturing
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards - a revolutionary technology with built in crumple zones
  • Only available in single packs.


How long will my SISU last?

Well, it all depends on how well you take care of it. Keeping it clean and letting it dry before storing will keep the germs at bay and extend the life of the guard. The material itself will withstand harsh biting and chewing, but we still recommend you replacing your SISU every six months to make sure you have the perfect mouthguard at the start of every season.

CAN I wear a sisu guard with braces?

Absolutely! However, it is essential that you have your mouthguard professionally fitted by your orthodontist or dentist. Also, for your child, be sure to purchase an adult sized guard as opposed to the SISU Junior: a larger guard is essential for protecting braces. Click here to learn all about fitting your SISU with braces.

What if I want to remold my SISU guard?

Not a problem! One of the many cool features of your SISU is that it has a built-in memory. Whenever you want to remold, simply place your formed guard in hot water, then watch it straighten out and return to its original shape regardless of how long ago you molded it.

I have a really small mouth… should I trim the mouthguard before fitting it?

We don’t recommend it. You really need the whole surface of the SISU guard in order to obtain a perfect, snug fit. Besides, your Dental Warranty may not be in effect if you alter the guard in any way. Review the fitting instructions for more information on ways to improve the fit of your SISU.

But I still have a small mouth…should I purchase a SISU Junior instead?

Again, no. By the time you turn 11, your jaw has fully formed. You’ll need all the material provided in any of our adult mouthguards to provide you with the best protection.